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Unidem Sales introduces the Smart Living Soup Cookware a must for all kitchens! This durable cookware is produced with a heavy gauge aluminum combined with a thick ceramic interior. The construction of this high quality cookware provides even heat distribution, efficient cooking and long lasting usage. The Smart Living Ceramic Cookware is suitable for use on the following heat sources, ceramic, induction, gas and electric. The outside of the pan is cast aluminum, which makes the pans light; the bottom is stainless steel; to ensure even heat distribution; and the interior is ceramic, a natural non-toxic compound; there are on PFOAs or PTFEs which commonly are found on many non stick 'Teflon' pans, ceramic being the healthier option. The ceramic interior of these pans promotes healthy cooking by lessening the need to cook with fats and oils. The cookware also delivers a superior non-stick coating making it excellent for the use of frying and sautéing. Pans are available in 28 cm, 24 cm, & 20 cm.

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