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HG Underpinning provides a multitude of innovative underpinning work and services tailored to meet your needs. Whatever your problem, our team of experts can solve it, whether it is the replacement or addition of a foundation to an existing home, retaining, excavation, pouring concrete or piling stabilization or recovery. If the solution does not exist, we will invent it!

Why entrust us with your underpinning?

Only trained experts know exactly how to consider soil characteristics, including its bearing capacity. Our five branches have developed specialties in the areas of underpinning enabling us to offer a wide variety of services. We have developed a proven technique for installing piles in restricted areas causing no damage to surrounding buildings. Our experts can recover the level of your building structure, repairing cracks and waterproof your foundation. Careful craftsmanship is required in order to lift a building rebuild or repair the foundation and replace the building on its foundation refurbished. There are very few qualified contractors and licensees in raising or building movement. Only expert underpinning of Héneault and Gosselin are qualified. Expert underpinning should be able to eliminate the bad material in the foundation that is causing the weakening of the latter, while replacing them with the necessary equipment. Pyrite and pyrrhotite eliminate through effective and economical techniques. It is very important to know that all our work is guaranteed by the company and covered by insurance.

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