Unlike everyone’s favourite ice princess Elsa, the cold does bother most of us, and can make an impact on your home’s efficiency. Prepping for winter and the cold is an important step in general home maintenance and ensuring optimal energy savings. Here are some tips to help make certain your home is operating effectively and efficiently this winter season.


Review your heating system

Hiring a professional to test and clean your furnace or system is a great way to make sure you’ll be running at full steam during the colder months. If you are on a budget, replace your furnace filters before the cold and have some replacements handy for quick changeovers.


Inspect your home for leaks or cracks

Take a look around windows or doors, specifically for any cracks or openings where warm air can escape. Use caulking or weather stripping for any problem areas.


Check your outdoor exhaust pipes

Will your furnace intake or exhaust pipes be covered by drifting snow? Extend any pipes which could see a build-up of snow or make sure you’re monitoring and shoveling regularly. The blocked pipes can shut down your furnace and pose a safety concern with gases returning into the home.



Keep your pipes toasty

Insulate any plumbing pipes which may need an extra layer of warmth to ensure they don’t freeze.


Point drainpipes away and inspect gutters

As we know, water freezes and expands which, could cause foundation and drainage issues. Be sure to point any drainpipes away from your home and inspect and clean your overhead gutters.


Reverse ceiling fans

Something so simple, with a big impact. Changing your fan direction so blades are blowing air upwards will help force the warm air trapped by the ceiling down into the room.


Window treatments

Insulated blinds or heavier drapery can help keep the cool air out, make your home more energy efficient, and keep your rooms feeling warm and cozy.

Dec 13, 2019, 20:35 PM